December 11, 2023

Today at 1045 hours, Ladder 47 was again dispatched to assist the Keystone Fire Co. of Myerstown with a house fire at 960 N. College St. in Jackson Twp., Lebanon County. The home was the location of a previous fire three days ago.

Units arrived to find fire through the roof and command ordering exterior operations only.

Upon arrival, L47's crew of 6 split with one member assisting in Truck 31's bucket and the rest operating on the C and B sides of the home. During the incident L47 re-positioned to work off the ladder and for master stream operations. In order to do so members had to cut numerous bamboo trees down for access. L47's ladder pipe was used to assist with extinguishment throughout the incident and after an excavator was brought in to demolish the home.

L47 returned to quarters 6 hours later with no injuries.