February 8, 2023

On Tuesday, February 7 at 2202 hours the WVFC was dispatched to the Conrad Weiser West Elementary School for a vehicle fire.

Several of our volunteers were still at the firehouse after our weekly training night and Engine 47 was out the door within a minute, later followed by Tanker 47.

Crews arrived on scene with a fully involved unoccupied sedan about 30 feet from the school. The crew of 7 from Engine 47 stretched two attack lines and was able to quickly extinguish the fire while Tanker 47 supplied additional water if needed.

Upon investigation it was determined a bystander who observed the fire and called 911 stopped and was able to assist the disoriented driver out of the vehicle. It was only moments after the bystander was able to rescue the driver the vehicle became fully involved.

The elderly driver, who was not injured, had been reporting missing several hours earlier and became confused and lost trying to return home to the Lancaster area. The driver was reunited with family after the incident. If not for the actions of the bystander this could have potentially been a different outcome.